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Why do I have to verify my number?

Reelcaller is for those who want to be found. By verifying you enter your mobile number into the database and allow it to be visible to the Reelcaller public. After verifying your phone number you are able to create a profile and add keywords to it, making it easier for other users to search for you.


What can I search for?

You can search by name, mobile number, or keyword. You can also cross search between the mentioned and location range in the advanced near-by search.


Who can join Reelcaller?

Reelcaller application is designed for everyone who wants to be found when searched for, this includes individuals as well as companies.


Why do I have to assign keywords to my profile?

Assigning keywords to your profile allows other users to find you easier within Reelcaller. Individuals and companies may include the following keyword(s): “Sales Manager”, “Freelancer”, “House Cleaning”, “Rent a Car”, etc. If you are a Graphic Designer your entry may John Smith “Graphic Designer”.


Can people see what am I searching for?

No, your search activity is only visible to you.


Can I block someone from contacting me?

This option is not available so far, however the functionality of caller ID allows you to identify the caller before you answer.


What do I use the coins for?

Reelcaller contains several functions that require coins:

-Adding a keyword to your profile

-Removing ads

-Perform advanced near-by search


How do I increase my coins balance?

You may purchase coins from within the side options of the application.


Can I invite my friends to join Reelcaller?

Yes, you can share the application with your friends via any means you have on your mobile phone (ex. text message, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.).


How can I stay up to date with the Reelcaller news?

You may follow our page whether on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or Linkedin and stay connected to the recent activity.


How can I remove myself from the Reelcaller database?

Reelcaller doesn’t enable you to hide your name and number, however you may “unlist” all your keywords. After such an action, neither your name nor your number will be available for search to the Reelcaller users.


How do I operate the advanced near-by search?

The advanced near-by search allows you to explore who from the Reelcaller users are in a set distance range. When you’re looking for something in particular insert a name, number, or keyword along side the distance range and you will get more specified search results.


Can I remove ads?

Yes, you can remove ads from within side options.


Why do I get no search results sometimes?

It may happen that there are no results to your search. That’s is because the name, number, or the keyword(s) you’re searching for does not yet exist on the Reelcaller network.


Can I advertise on Reelcaller?

We live in an Information Age, therefore individuals as well as companies may advertise themselves on Reelcaller. You may email us on support@reelcaller.com for further details.



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